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We Are Passionate. We Are Committed. We Are Innovative.

Grafted Growers specializes in the indoor production of vegetable grafted plants for commercial growers and home gardeners struggling with disease, low yields, and harsh environmental conditions.


About Us
By uniting science and technology with nature, we craft superior grafted vegetable plants  that help growers thrive year-round through an increase in plant yield, quality, and disease resistance.


Our Mission
To become the leading providers of grafted vegetable plants in the retail and commercial markets by innovating customizable growing techniques to deliver the perfect plants.


Community Advocates
By improving the yields and quality of vegetable plants, we encourage sustainability  and strive to grow our economy through job creation.


Our Team
A uniquely diverse team combined with a passion for innovation and forward-thinking sustainability will enable Grafted Growers to become the leading provider of the world’s best vegetable grafted plants.


Our Commitment
We guarantee year round production of premium quality, uniform grafted transplants, regardless of weather conditions. Our 6-week lead time for all orders ensures you receive your plants in 42 days.


Reliable And Trustworthy
Through research and close relationships with growers of all sizes, Grafted Growers has identified and continues to develop methods to improve the current production process and the quality of plants produced.

Deliver exceptional grafted plants, that’s what we do best.

Our grown to order plant propagation and grafting services are ready for immediate planting in your greenhouse or field.
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Grafted Growers was developed in the top ranked McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship in the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona. Through consistent and dedicated work, their entrepreneurship team of MBA and PhD students was able to transform a venture concept into reality. Working through the rigorous one-year program, Dr. Ricardo Hernandez and John Jackson, M.B.A. conceptualized and validated the idea of a 100% controlled environment horticulture business in vegetable plant grafting. Realizing the need for cost effective propagation of high quality grafted trans-plants, Grafted Growers combined technology and agriculture to create the perfect solution.


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