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John Jackson

John Jackson

CEO & General Manager

John Jackson is an Eller MBA recipient and General Manager at Grafted Growers. John has over 10 years of impactful management and business consulting experience, which has lead him to receive President’s Club honors for the past four years. He has effectively managed sales and operations of revenue centers of up to $30 million and a staff of 35 employees in a variety of retail and commercial environments. Grafted Growers forwards Johns’ passion by providing much needed technologically innovative solutions to the problems faced by gardeners, community farmers and commercial growers.
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Ricardo Hernández

Ricardo Hernández

Senior Scientist, Director of R&D

Ricardo Hernandez is a Ph.D recipient from the School of Plant Science at the University of Arizona, focusing on controlled environment systems. In addition to being the Senior Scientist at Grafted Growers, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy/crop Consultation from New Mexico State University and a Masters of Science in Entomology/biological Control from Texas A&M University. His extensive training in horticultural systems and his experience in crop consulting, precision agriculture, and biosystems engineering will greatly assist in the development of unique growing techniques that will consistently meet the consumer and market demands of Grafted Growers.


Michael Whalen

Head Grower

Michael Whalen graduated from the School of Plant Sciences at the University of Arizona in 2014 with an MS in Plant Science, focusing on controlled environment agriculture. His prior experience includes crop production in controlled environments as well as training in horticultural systems and plant physiology. As the Head Grower at Grafted Growers he hopes to push forward both the industry for grafted vegetables transplants and for growing crops in indoor controlled environments.


Andrew Duy

Business Development Manager

Andrew Duy is an Eller MBA recipient, as well holding a BS in Agribusiness Management from the University of Arizona. He is serving as the Business Development Manager for Grafted Growers. Prior to coming on-board with Grafted Growers, he served as an officer in the United States Air Force. Andrew is committed to advancing agriculture, shown not only through his education and work, but also frequent volunteerism with 4-H in Pima County.

Chieri Kubota

Dr. Cheri Kubota


Dr. Chieri Kubota, Ph.D, is one of the leading experts in the growth and morphology of grafted vegetable plants and indoor growing system engineering. She received her Ph.D in Horticulture Engineering in 1994 from Chiba University in Japan. Her current research at the University of Arizona includes; manipulation of plant growth and development by environmental control, value added plant production under controlled environment, long distance transportation and low temperature storage of transplants, and the physiology of grafted seedling for greenhouse crop production. In addition, Dr. Kubota’s efforts to establish the parameters for indoor grown grafted plants are now widely adopted in Japan.

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Dr. Royal Heins


Dr. Royal Heins, Ph.D, started his horticultural science career in 1973. Since then, he has published 340 commercial articles and 110 scientific peer-reviewed articles in horticultural production. After a productive scientific career at Michigan State University, Dr. Heins retired young and has spent the last 9 years as the president of Guatemalan cuttings producer Oro Farms, a company that provides plant cutting to the retail nursery market in America. He now remains as one of the most in demand consultant advising growers.

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