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Quality Control

Need a grafted plant supplier you can count on? Its about quality control.

4 Quality Control Checkpoints throughout which our staff will communicate the timing, health, and overall status of your order.

Quality Checkpoint I: Germination

  • ¬†Controlled Environment – High percentages are yielded with Grafted Growers unique controlled environment. We have a proprietary recipe of light, water, air-quality and nutrients to grow the best plant.
  • Disease Free and Pest Free Environment – Our closed system has proven to eliminate the presence of pests and plant disease in our indoor seedlings. We actively monitor all our plants and report health to our customers.
  • Germination Success – We report successful germination percentages and identify any needs for additional sowing to deliver the needed finished plants to our customer.

Quality Checkpoint II – III: Grafting & Healing

Grafting and Healing Checkpoints communicate the date of successful grafting and expected date of complete healing. The Healing Checkpoint communicates the success of the grafting and number of plants expected for delivery, providing our customer insight into all production steps.


Quality Checkpoint IV: Pre-Shipping

Our Pre-Shipping Checkpoint communicates the number of plants to be shipped, shipping date, and expected delivery date. Our staff follows up with customers to verify delivery addresses with customer and we provide all orders with a tracking number.

All our plants are shipped in unique and efficient Smart-Packaging: a sturdy corrugated box, lined with 2″ foam inserts, designed to protect your order and provide a consistent shipping environment. All packaging was designed in collaboration with Supply One, a lead packing design and manufacturing company.

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