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Shipping + Support

Shipping + Customer Support

Custom order? Unique delivery requirements?

With our 30-day lead time, its important to provide expert customer support from pre-order to post-delivery. We plan with you, ship smart, and make sure you have our network of experts to back up your operation.

Excessive shipping and handling of plants causes plant stress leading to needed recovery time and delayed fruiting. We reduce your risk with a higher quality plant at the start of the journey and smart packaging that protects your plants. And remember: We get the planting and selling cycles that growers use and we understand a grower’s priorities about plant quality, availability and pricing.

Smart Packaging

  • Delivered Ready: Shipped plugs are generally 5-6” tall and delivered ready for immediate planting in your greenhouse or field. We provide all growers with planting and initial growing instructions to ensure success.
  • Convenient Packaging: If you can’t plant right away, no problem! Our plants are shipped in a standard plastic or foam tray, depending on the growing medium, and can easily be watered until able to plant.
  • Always Protected: Our plants are shipped in a sturdy corrugated box, lined with 2” foam inserts, designed to protect the plants and provide a consistent shipping environment. It was designed in collaboration with Supply One, and leading packing design and manufacturing company.

Customer Support

  • Direct access to experts from initial conversation through to plant delivery and post-delivery support
  • We have direct access to large network of experts with extensive knowledge. We listen to your needs and offer viable solutions.
  • We are your partner; you can expect to deal with an expert in plant growth and grafting who understands a grower’s business challenges, and how grafting can help.

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