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5 Vegetables to plant now for your early Spring Harvest

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We are almost at the end of the winter harvest season. With some preparation and the correct choice of plants, we’ll give you tips so you can head start on your early spring crops.

First and foremost it’s important to recognize the growing zone you live in because that’s gonna have a great impact on what you can and cannot grow. If you live in mild zones, you’ll most probably be able to grow root vegetables and brassicas. If you live in higher altitudes, cold frames and poly tents can help you nurture your plants. With all this said, here are a few low maintenance plants you can raise:


To have fresh cucumbers for the summer, it’s important to plant them 2 weeks after the last frost. They require a lot of sunlight and fertile soil. Pick a sunny spot and add plenty of fertilizer.


Tomatoes love the sun and warm soil. Wait till late spring to harvest, add lots of compost and fertilizer so they get all the nutrients. These seeds need to be planted far apart from each other.


Now it’s the perfect time to plant carrots, just a few weeks before the last frost. Carrots do best in loose soil with no rocks. Plant the seeds in rows that are afoot apart. TIP go easy on the manure in the soil because you can end up with some funny-looking carrots.


We all love berries in the summer, so plat your raspberries in the early spring for the best-tasting crops. They do best in a raised bed with rich soil that drains well. Use compost to help the fruit flourish.


Peppers are a little trickier to grow if you don’t live in a warm climate. Put the seeds in warm water and wet a paper towel inside a plastic bag. Once you see them sprout, move them to a pea pot and eventually into the ground.

And always remember, make sure your garden beds are well-composted, this will improve water drainage, and reduce the chance of rot. Follow us for more tips and info on what to harvest each season!

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