The highest quality grafted seedlings in the world.

Grafted Growers™ has been advancing the science, technology, and craft of healing superior grafted plants since 2014.

Growers trust us because of our year-round commitment to quality.


orn from the University of Arizona College of Agriculture and funded by the USDA, our team is dedicated to improving the yield and quality of vegetable plants for growers worldwide. We don’t just sell grafted starter plants, but we consult with growers to understand regional challenges like disease, soils, and extreme climate.

Combining our relationships with our scientific research, we build trust by tackling problems together with growers to achieve a better agricultural product. And with our unique and clean growing capabilities, we are able to help growers become sustainable and economically sound.


A Year-Round Solution


Reduce Overseed Costs


Regional Smart Shipping


Site-Specific Support

Our new facility in Raleigh North Carolina is open! Interested in learning more?

We advocate for community growth too!

Thank you to the City of Raleigh, North Carolina, for selecting us as the 2017 UpFit Grant Award Winner. We also thank North Carolina State University for ongoing collaboration to advance controlled environments and plant sciences to create better agricultural products.


awards & milestones


Raleigh Facility LIVE and E-Commerce Open for Orders


Raleigh UpFit Grant Award for Economic Development and installation of technology in primary production facility in Raleigh, North Carolina.


USDA SBIR Phase I completion and won USDA SBIR Phase II.


Accepted into the Arizona Center for Innovation incubator at the University of Arizona, and won a USDA SBIR Phase I grant.


Founded in Tucson, Arizona, winning New Venture Competition awards, the HURST Grant, and Idea Funding.

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