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How to Succeed in Vegetable Gardening…It’s all about the Plants!

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Big Question…One question the team at Grafted Growers hears from our customers, both large and small, on a consistent basis is; “What advice can you give me to be successful in my home garden?”  Year after year, many people report having very little success either from the seed or starter plants that they buy at the local big box store and even at the trusted local nursery.  Well here’s our answer…”It’s all in the STARTER PLANTS”.  If you have a bouncing baby boy or a beautiful baby girl, you want to provide that baby all it needs early in life to grow big and strong as they mature into an adult.  Young plants are no different!  Give it everything it needs as a baby plant, and it will have the best chance to grow big, strong and produce a bountiful yield!

Back Story…While sometimes our grower community may have soil disease issues such as nematodes or wilts or are forced to grow in the same nutrient depleted soil, most times the lack of success is due to “poor quality” starter plants. 

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Why are they “poor quality”? …These plants have been grown with the least amount of fertilizers, watering and care possible in order to deliver the cheapest plants to the retailer.  They are subject to harsh conditions at the young plant stage which hurts the plants during establishment and its ability to perform through its lifetime.  Those plants are then sold to you, the consumer, with little consideration to the overall quality and health of the young plant, or how that may impact the success of your gardening efforts.

How to spot a “poor quality plant”?… these plants have minimal or unestablished roots and may be dull in color due to lack of nutrients.  The stem and even sometimes leaves may be slightly brittle and rough to the touch due to lack of regular watering.  Also, plants may be tall and spindly  from lack of light. 

What should you look for in a “High Quality Plant” You want your plant’s leaves to be a vibrant green color, not dull or yellowing. You want your plants to be compact and have a strong stem and root system.  The seedling stems and leaves should not be rough or brittle to the touch.  

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Time for Change…Grafted Growers believes that all growers, no matter what the size, should have access to the highest quality starter plants available to ensure they are successful in their efforts and can contribute to the health and wellbeing of their family via healthy foods and vegetables.  We grow our young plants 100% indoors, free of pest and disease, using no pesticides or chemicals, and providing the best combination of nutrients, fertilizers, light, water and CO2, to deliver the highest quality young plant possible for our customers.  To make it even better, our plants are available year around, always providing access to high quality plants to our grower communities.

We are here to help you grow better with our high-quality Conventional Starter Plants, Organic Starter Plants, and Grafted Starter Plants (both conventional and organic).  Guaranteed to be healthy, high quality, disease free and pest free every day of the year.

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