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“I bought 50 plants and they are the best plants I have ever had!”

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We had a blast talking to one of our amazing customers, Dan Sainovich. He has a small farm in Pennsylvania where he works with his dad and his brother. He first bought from Grafted Growers a year ago and now his plants have grown over 7′ tall and look big and healthy. Read more to follow Dan’s journey with Grafted Growers.

GG: Tell us a little bit about yourself

DS: I am 59, married, have 4 adult kids, 8 grandkids. I grow a garden and my dad sells the excess at the local grange where they have an auction. We have a little bit of a farm, between me, my dad, and my brother, who does 90% of the work, raises hay and around 15 head of Herefords.

GG: How long have you been a client of Grafted Growers and how did you discover them?

DS: This was my first year to buy from them. I was researching grafted tomatoes and saw Grafted Growers on the internet. Most growers either sold just a few plants at a real high cost or they were commercial suppliers that you had to buy huge amounts from. I purchased 110 plants, which I was surprised they would sell in such a small volume. 

GG: Why do you like working with us?

DS: Who ever dreams that the CEO would call? I emailed them and John Jackson (the CEO) called me back! He guided me on what would be best for Pennsylvania and what I was looking for. There was a little confusion on my order, I think I screwed up. Anyways, they overnighted half my order and he gave me credit on the other 55 plants next year. I also called him a couple of times for advice and he called me back! The CEO, I have his cell number! John, I promise not to share it. The plants shipped were healthy and to be honest, the 50 plants that I have are enough work. 

GG: Describe how grafted growing has changed your approach to growing?

DS: My big beefs are just that, HUGE. By mid July I had tomatoes, which was probably 2-3 weeks ahead of anyone else in the neighborhood. They are 6′ tall and they are a handful trying to keep up on tying them up. I would warn folks that they take a lot more work than the regular tomatoes that I have grown because of the plant’s vigor. I wish I would have provided more space between each plant and each row as they are getting crowded. Give them space to grow. 

GG: How do you feel about the quality of our plants?

DS: All I can say is thank you, Mr. Jackson. The plants were healthy and well packaged when they arrived. 

GG: What are the benefits you have realized using our plants?

DS: So far the plants have done very well. Many people have stopped growing tomatoes in their gardens because of disease and viruses. It is early but they have done extremely well and we have had some extremely hot weather in the ’90s which for PA is pretty hot and not a lot of rain, although I do water them. I was shooting for the 4th of July first tomato but we picked our first on July 7. We did have a cold spring so the plants spent a lot longer in my 8×12 greenhouse which the plants overran! 

GG: Do you have a story that demonstrates the value?

DS: The initial cost is higher and shipping does not help when you are used to growing your plants in the windowsill and greenhouse or buying a flat locally for $14 but like I always tell my dad, the cost of seed or plants are the small cost vs your labor and the amount of production. My neighbors are amazed at the size of the plants and I cannot wait to see how they continue the rest of the growing season. It is amazing as we have been harvesting tomatoes off the bottom and 5 and a half feet up we have nice blossoms coming on. Like I said they are 6′ tall now and we still have lots of growing season left. 

GG: What would you say to someone else who is considering Grafted Growers?

DS: Do it. I hope to double my order next year and sell some plants to neighbors. 

Here are some photographs Dan sent us capturing his journey with his 50+ Grafted Growers plants!

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