Grafted Seedlings

$1.25 per plant


Minimum Order of 100 plants

Customize Your Grafted Plants for Longer, Healthier, Heartier, Disease-Free Harvest!

We produce high quality grafted seedlings for growers nationwide. All of our plants are grown in our Sustainable Indoor Growing System (SIGS), an optimized environment to meet the best conditions for your specific plant (Learn more about SIGS here). If you’re looking for specific characteristics, we’re happy to work with you and make recommendations. We grow our seedlings to have:

  • High Quality Specifications
  • Grown in an Optimized Environment for Faster Delivery
  • Environmental Resilience
  • Strong Uniform Growth, Year Round
  • Disease & Pest Free
  • 4-Phase Extensive Quality Control
  • All our orders include Smart Packaging & Support

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?Increasing number of fruiting days
?Earlier, heartier plant for earlier and longer fruiting season

Quantity & Seed Details

Minimum order: 100 ct. For 60,000+ orders, please contact us.

Additional Product Information

Additional information

Weight.08 lbs
Dimensions2.17 × 1.5 × .92 in
Order Quantity & Capacity

Order Quantity & Capacity

  • Our facility is rapidly expanding, however, we are only able to accept a maximum order of 60,000 plants.
  • For larger quantities (60,000+), please contact us
Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery

  • Rock Wool: 12 lbs per box (Box Dimensions: 26x18x11″)
  • Cococore/Soil/Pete: 12.5lbs per box (Box Dimensions: 26x14x11″)
  • Grafted Growers is located in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • All orders are shipped nationwide in specialized smart shipping containers and are quality inspected.
  • All orders have a 30-day lead time. You may select your preferred week of delivery (subject to availability and capacity).
  • Have a shipping or freight company you prefer? Great! Let us know on the next page. We also can provide you approximate shipping costs on our website for UPS and FedEx.
  • For pick-up, special shipping, or any other delivery requirements you might have, please feel free to contact us
Supplying Seeds & Seed Costs

Supplying Seeds & Seed Costs

  • You may purchase seed and supply it to Grafted Growers – or – we can purchase seed for you from one of our preferred vendors or a seed source of your preference.
  • We are happy to use your seeds, so long as they are clean and have been inspected prior to entering our facility.
  • Seed costs vary with the season and market, and we can use a seed source of your preference.
  • We do have preferred seed vendors. For a full list of our favorite seed suppliers, click here >
  • For any special requests or more information about seeds, please contact us
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