Dominique VillelaChief Marketing Officer

Dominique is the Interim Chief Marketing Officer for Grafted Growers™, and advises the company on e-commerce and direct revenue models, as well as assists with investor and partner relations.

Dominique is an award winning marketer, engineer, and entrepreneur, with 15+ critical years of experience in marketing emerging technologies. As a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and former CEO and founder of a scalable digital services agency, he has represented over 100+ brands (US/Global) and worked closely with C-level executives, investors, and PE firms on raising capital, product go-to-market strategy, and execution.

Dominique is a formally trained engineer who studied cross-platform prototype design and always had a creative approach to product development, using growth hacker methodologies to keep business objectives at the forefront. Dominique has been recognized by U.S. Congress and other government for his go-to-market contribution to science, technology, and entrepreneurship. He contributes locally and nationally to tech and entrepreneurship ecosystems, STEM education, and has worked on a number of government projects for DOD, DARPA, DOE, NIH, NSF, USDA and others.

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