John Jackson, MBACEO & General Manager

John Jackson is a University of Arizona Eller College of Business alum where he received his MBA in Entrepreneurship and is currently General Manager/CEO at Grafted Growers.

John grew up with three generations of his family in close proximity living in Compton, California.  His family always stressed the importance of education, striving to do your best, and always looking to better the lives of others around you.  John is a passionate agriculture entrepreneur continuing his families values and tradition of growing fruits and vegetable for the family while also sharing with the community.  Since the age of 8, John saw the value in fresh fruits and vegetables when he harvested oranges from his grandmothers tree, bagged them up, and provided fresh picked oranges to his neighbors, church members, and family friends.  John continues his grandfather’s legacy as a sharecropper of Tomatoes in rural Texas through his agri-business endeavors and focuses on how he can make growing easier for the common, every day farmer at home or in the field.  Grafted Growers forwards Johns’ passion by providing much needed technology and innovative solutions to the problems faced by gardeners, community farmers and commercial growers to deliver sustainable, high quality fruits and vegetables to the population of the world.

John has successfully launched investor and grant funded businesses and operated tech based companies to early stage revenue. With over 10 years of impactful management and business consulting experience, John has received the President’s Club honors for the past four years. He has effectively managed sales and operations of revenue centers of up to $30 million and a staff of 35 employees in a variety of retail and commercial environments.

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