Tyler NixonHead of Operations

Tyler comes from a family farm in Perquimans County, North Carolina.

Growing up, his family, along with everyone else in the county experienced challenges that jeopardized their farming operations, such as bad and unpredictable, pest and disease issues, or equipment failure.  This experience sparked Tyler’s interest in research and provided the  passion to want to pursue a career field that entirely supports farmers, and their mission to feed the people of the world. Tyler received a bachelors degree from  NC State in Plant and Soil Science that crystalized his understanding of the key challenges farmers face. During his time at NC State and his professional career Tyler has had a wide range of experience within agronomy, plant breeding, horticulture research, and pest and disease management. He is driven to find solutions that empower farmers to tackle the every changing challenges they face wherever and however they grow their crops.

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