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The Importance of a Community Garden

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We live in a time where taking care of our community is crucial for our interpersonal development and growth.

Instituting a community garden while creating a beautiful and productive space is something that would benefit all and fill our deep rooted need to connect with nature. They provide opportunities to practice inclusion, and the chance for all generations to work alongside each other bringing their different points of views while sharing one common goal.

Here we present you the key advantages of starting a sustainable gardening program in your community:

  1. Local community gardens produce a lot of food. These are low-cost spaces, where volunteers can grow fresh, healthy produce for very little money, hindering the existence of food insecurity in their area. Focusing on filling the void of common nutritional deficiencies, these gardens can make a significant difference in the quality of life for residents living in areas with limited access to healthy food, especially fruits and vegetables.
  2. Youth Programs: Gardening programs give young children and adolescents an alternative to spending their time immersed in video games and social media. There are great benefits beyond a healthy nutrition. Studies have shown that outdoor experiences have a positive impact for educating children. They can develop knowledge and skills, plus improve their long-term memory. You can host gardening classes or instructional tours. With its vibrant ecosystem you’ll find birds, plants, insects and more. 
  3. All are welcome: We often find our neighbors to be strangers. We just walk by and say a very polite hello. By creating a “shared place” you provide the opportunity to meet and work beside individuals who you might have never encountered otherwise. Embracing and using the generational and cultural divides, everyone in the community can learn skills and gain practice in teamwork, learn a variety of styles and personalities and even resolve conflicts peacefully. Anyone can get involved by proving land, donating plants, seed or tools, building sheds or water systems and in countless other ways.
  4. Horticultural Therapy: Studies show that there are many therapeutic benefits for people who use gardening as a tool for healing Post Traumatic Stress, mental and emotional benefits for aging seniors and improved Attention Deficit Disorder in children. 
  5. Leadership roles to marginalized groups:  With intentional, continuing efforts to practice equity, diversity and inclusion, participants have the opportunity to learn how to work together as a team. A community garden can be a safe space to grow, eat, share and celebrate one’s traditional foods, from wherever in the world you might be. 

The goal of community gardens is to teach us through our successes that we can make our community a better place. Are you as inspired as us to strengthen your community through creating a beautiful garden for all to share and take care of?

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